#The strings are attached

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Wind blowing. Gently at first. Branches moving with the same rhythm. For a moment we all hold on to our sweaters,tightly. Protecting ourselves from the cold. The fire burns fiercely. In harmony we all move closer to the fire. The wind passes on. We all relax. In synchrony,hands are let out the sweaters and held above the fire. Warming us up. Tea is passed around. Everyone gets a cup of tea. A cup because it would be rude to take more than a cup. Cups raised. A sip then back to being held between both arms. None talked. The rythm flowed in. Sip of tea,then cup back to arms. Till the cups were empty and needed refilling. This time as if she already knew what had to happen,she woke up and served us tea. Filling our cups to the brim. Tea is done. It would be a taboo to take a third cup. Judgement time is here.
Tick,tock. Tick,tock.

Hands are thrown back to the sweatets. Everyone adopts a slightly bent posture. Leaning onto the man that cleared his throat. Who was it again? Yeah,that elderly man from the hills. He walks with a walking stick. Slightly bent posture as if scared of the gods. The obvious wrinkles on his forehead are a proof that he has seen the salt and sugar of this world. Those eyes just beneath the wrinkles. Deep sunken. Does he eat? Or he is like the many amongst us that eat only when there is a celebration in our village? A silent village. The white long beard dangling beneath his chin looked unkempt. That was just the beard,the hair on his head? As if with knowlegde that he would look like satan himself,he kept on a hat,a cowboy hat above his head. That cowboy hat with two strings that form a know just beside his adams apple. Only proof that he is a youth at mind.

He wanted to stand up but he couldnt. Held on to his walking stick firmly. Then gave up silently. A man aint supposed to show acceptance of defeat. One hand on the walking stick. Ythe other touching his beard. He cleared his throat one more time,bent his head towards the gathering. With a deep voice he began. ‘Today,we are all gathered here because of her.’ The fingers moved from the beard to me. Does he know three more fingers are pointing back at him? Does any one think of that?

Faces turned to me. I felt like hiding. Judgemental stares. On young slender village girl. If they had a chance they would have sent me to hell just with their stares. Is hell real? I hear about it from that book. What book was it again? Aah,the Bible. The book that one; they said; could read and be washed of all sins. What of mine? Could i be forgiven by the one above? It would take alot of cows and goats plus feeding the empty stomachs of the elders that never ate until such meetings. Culture bounds.

He looked at me again with sympathy. ‘What she has done is an abomination! One that needs to be cleansed begore our gods curse our lands and children.’ Now we talking of curses? To our lands and children? Is the child am carrying a curse? A beatifyl creature a curse?

Help me understand if you didnt know when you pushed me down that maize farm. Tore away my clothes and pushed that snake between your legs into my thighs. How was I supposed to know that it would make my stomach as large as my grandmas pot? It was late at night I remember. I was sent to buy cooking oil. Oil for the fish dad had been given by the chief for ploughing his land. Rotten fish.

I am the first born. The first of our family’s dynasty. The first daughter that her breasts stood too early,hips protruded too early. How was I supposed to stop them from showing? Now I know that must have been the reason why mother mixes our food with petroleum nowadays. Growing too fast woukd attract attention for our poor family. Dad saw it as a blessing. He was already counting the number of cows I would bring in. Rich suitors had already approached him. Here no one cared that I loved the boy next door. The poor one. Dad knew of it,he saw the way he smiled at me and the way I drew maps at his  presence.

The shop was closed. The nearest one. I had to keep walking to the market shop. I was scared. There men look at me with the eyes of hunger. I walked slowly. I held onto my skirt. The longest and the only one I have. It was my mothers. It had been passed on to generations. A single tear and I would have interrupted the lineage. After getting the cooking oil,i felt like running away. I wanted to,but I couldnt. Mama says you dont run when people are looking.

That man. The elder. The eldest among the elderly. He came to me. Greeted me. ‘Girl,I will protect you. Let me take you home. For one momen,I got in a dilemma. Mama says dont trust anybody. But he is an elder,what could he possibly do? We walked side by side. He seemingly had so much strength for his age. Then we got to that maize field,he told me to lie down and be a good girl. Hold up my skirt. He wanted to see what the gods had blessed me with. Now he is here,five months down the line accussing the boy next door of getting me fat. For  him to only maintain his reputation. I fear for him,the boy next door. But wont it be good if we are forced to marry each other?



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Sorry been gone for just too long. I surely missed you,my readers the source of my constant inspiration. I thank you for the emails that kept asking where I went to,you are my joy!
And now am fully back,i will bring you up to date with ny writing.
Love you lots!


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Everyday we meet new people.
Unique and different in her or his on own way. The people we meet influence us in the way we act and infact change us in some way.

#The lone Ranger.

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I need to,
I want to
I am impatient for,
I am desperate for.

It was a dare at first,
I never took it seriously,
Then it threatened to happen,
I held on,
Fingers crossed,
Heart beat raised,
I remember praying,
Then it happened.

Now am left to choose,
Choose between dying and death
Whats the difference,
Whats the need?
I was already dead.
Dead before it all began.


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Am back,not for long though.
I got a friend that i want to introduce you all to.
The kind that has a high potential for being a tycoon in the few years rolling by. So I thought it proper to make you know that I got a tycoon as a friend(showing off purposes *wink*) and to introduce you to this great person. Its what friends do for each other.
My friend goes by the name Lucia. Dont be shy to say its a beatiful name. She is a fashion designer. I would have loved to tell you that this is a lady that has her own outlet and is stable. I would be lying. This is a close friend of mine,a fellow student infact but in different universities. She is the best in the game. Shes one of those few people that you would meet while wearing sun glassess because her future is damn too bright.
So brace yourself,the future in the fashion industry is here. Get yourself an ankara skirt at the cheapest price ever! Only real ladies know the value of an ankara skirt in their wardrobes.








Text,call or email me-velmarennie@gmail.com
It aint a skirt until its an ankara skirt.
So start ordering!

#To the future

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Am working on an idea right now. The kind that is a million dollar idea if it turns out well.  I will soon be introducing the ‘THE DIARY OF A STUDENT NURSE’  watch out for the sequential series. I wont disappoint. Keep following.


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Will be gone for some time. Am working on something. The kind that is the breakthrough I have been waiting for.
I wont keep you for long. Dont miss me too much. If you do,you got my email.


#February love.

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February is the month of love and its finally here! Am sending out february love. Its exactly three months since I started blogging. Thanks to all the fans and critics that keep me posting and writing. I love you all.
To all those that have been commenting and following me,you are my heros! As I hit the three month mark,I feel blessed and supported. You as a reader,a follower and a critic,has changed my life.Thanks alot.
You are the change the world needs!

#Being a lady.

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Am a student. I would have loved to say that am a post graduate,tackling a job and studies plus a family(a violent husband and two kids). But I would be lying. I honestly dont even wish to be married ( I think am scared about the whole concept of marriage)
I have heard enough stories of bad marrriages until marriage seems frightening.
Being a student comes with staying at school at the school’s hostel. This means that You have to stay with three more people in a room and share the bathrooms. Sharing the bathroom is quite discouraging,considering the fact that not everyone has proper education on personal hygiene. Thus most students are exposed to urinary tract infections. Stop yawning dear one. Get a cup of coffee and sit up.
I got three room mates. I mentioned that already but I feel the need to emphasize. Three crazy roomates. Janet,Rita and carol.
I dont even know where to start with any of them. They are just a wholesome pack of ‘Idontknowwhat’
Take for example,Carol. She has a couple of friends (for the lack of a better word) that she relies on. When she wants icecream,theres a guy for that. There are even more,the credit guy,the shoe guy,the drinks guy,the sex guy.
I dont even want to go into detail of what friends,Janet and Rita have. It makes me feel embarrassed to talk out the dependence of a woman to a man. At this era,women should be self reliant.
I talked to a friend ( my talkmate) about this. He had the audacity of calling me a pretender. He even asked me how I do I get by? The answer is simple,I properly manage the little I have,budget it to ensure it lasts for a longer period of time. He told me that no guy will ever find satisfaction from being in a relationship with me because I dont know how to make a man wanted. I would agree that in most relationships I have been,just one, the man always complained of feeling not included.
And I ask,is it really necessary for a man to show me how much he is worth in a simple relationship? What happened to the days when a relationship would be all about sneaking out of the house just to watch the moon together,(had a couple of those#being a bad girl) or better still go out for nature walks or just sitting and talking the night out? Dont get me wrong I dont mean that we should throw away cheap offers,we should rather consider the basis and the reason of giving. Dont make yourself too cheap to be a throw away chick. Everyone is giving you items just to get over you. You are worth more than that.
Ladies,if you really think you are worth your man,then stop viewing a man as your bank. He aint,he never was and he never will be. So get over it and start working your ass out to ensure you have enough money to give yourself a good spoil once in a while. Its the real definition of a lady. Be one.

#The devil has risen.

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Voice raised,
Fingers pointed,
Eyes rolling,
At the wrong person.

I have never seen you angry before,
I guess the devils lies within,
Within all that anger I see
So what are you?
The devil or the angel?

What makes you angry?
That you heard?
Heard from who?
Heard what?
Did you hear the word ‘trust’?

Keep hearing,
Al’ keep listening,
Listening to the devil talk,
Waiting for you to return.

Dont all those days together matter?
Dont they count for something?
Dont I deserve abit of trust?
Just a little bit?

I thought you were different.
Different from all the wolves.
Wolves under the sheep’s clothing.
No, you werent different,
I tolerated you,
Understood you.
And I expect that in return.
Get back to yourself.